How OttawaGuide works

About OttawaGuide?

OttawaGuide is a free augmented reality based tour guide for the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. What's augmented reality, you ask? It's an exciting new technology that superimposes digital information about your current location on objects as seen through the "eyes" of your smart phone's camera in real time. OttawaGuide combines the best of Open Source and Open Data to bring together a new kind of tour guide for our city -- the type that fits in your pocket. As you would expect, OttawaGuide also provides information about festivals & events, restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment/nitelife, and recreation (parks, golf courses, etc) locations that would benefit both the citizens and the visitors of Ottawa. But there is more, each landmark/POI is linked to its wikipedia page, if its available, and we provided turn-by-turn GPS navigation to a selected POI. Want to see how it works? Checkout the video above.

Feature List:
* An augmented reality view of nearby landmarks/attractions via your phone's camera.
* Location-based information about festivals & events, restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment, nitelife, and recreation ((parks, golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts).
* Each POI linked to its wikipedia page, if available.
* Turn-by-turn GPS navigation to a selected POI.
* Text and voice search support of the data in OttawaGuide.
* Phone numbers of POIs, and speed-dial to a selected POI.

Why tourism?

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is one of the major tourist destinations in the country. The wealth of its culture attracts millions of tourists every year to visit its many renowned landmarks, notable institutions, national museums, official residences, government buildings, memorials and heritage structures.

According to the Annual Development Report, 2009 (page 47), prepared by the City of Ottawa, "Tourism is one of Ottawa's main industries. In the last year for which data was reported, 2007, there were 7.8 million visits and visitor spending totalled $2.22 billion". Each landmark/attraction in our city has a story; visitors come to Ottawa not only to see these landmarks but also to gain some knowledge about their origin and historic significance.  OttawaGuide makes this possible by linking landmarks/attractions to their Wikipedia page.